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Lamar County Landmarks & History

Eiffel Tower of Paris Texas

Eiffel Tower of Paris Texas
This Eiffel Tower, standing 65 feet tall, represents a remarkable community effort. It was constructed by the Boiler Makers Local #902 utilizing materials, plant space, and employee time donated by the Babcock & Wilcox Company.
The tower stands as the impetus for Paris being designated "1995 Best Pit Stop" by the Great North American Race.
It was "Texanized"

Culbertson Fountain

Culbertson Fountain is in the Historic District on the Plaza downtown. It was a gift to culminate the rebuilding of Paris after the Fire of 1916. Restored as a Bicentennial project, this fountain reigns not only as the unique focal point for Paris and Lamar County, but as "the prettiest plaza in the State of Texas."

The Gibraltar Hotel

The Gibraltar Hotel
was once Paris’ shining glory, a testament to its growth.
Built in 1915 by Richard H. Blyth, Edward Buford Norment and B.P. Bailey,
it accommodated passengers on the St. Louis-Dallas rail line – a time when towns
had street cars and real train service. Though damaged in the 1916 fire, the owners were optimistic enough to add a seventh story upon restoration.
But like most downtown hotels, it fell out of favor with the traveling public, who wanted their lodgings close and convenient to the highways.
The Gibraltar Hotel
The hotel has had numerous owners since then, and has stood empty sentry over downtown since the late 1970s. Gutted and in various states of decay, the hotel has lost much of its past beauty.
In 2004, Don “Pinky” Wilson, a local businessman, took ownership and intends to make the old building into a senior center and condominium complex. Hope springs eternal…

The Paris Fire of 1916
Paris also holds third place in a category no town wants to be in. After
The Chicago Fire and The San Francisco Earthquake Fire, comes The Paris Fire of 1916. This devastating fire resulted in the entire downtown having to be rebuilt, including the courthouse.

Courthouse History

The Lamar County Courthouse before the 1916 Fire

The Lamar County Courthouse before the 1916 fire

Lamar County Courthouse from 1917 to the Present

The Lamar County Courthouse 1917-present.